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This section of the elementary school teacher, nurturer, teacher, graduating from school, so teaching and teaching which gained the right person who is known to be selected from among the students.  when  the conditions within the framework failure affected child, the  schools and classrooms of the primary school level is to be - graduates of this department of people with higher education, after seeing the re- primary level in schools direct educational services to lend  the impression that gives. The inability of graduates directly into an affected child, unable to provide training and education services to bring additional problems and bureaucracy of the department is closed  than 34 years in the intervening night of Gazi Education Institute within the special education teacher for the purpose of cultivating Department of Veterans for Education Sciences at the Department of Private Education School Teaching is acilmisit. Its the department of special education Teachers Training program failure of an affected child, teacher training and education services that enables them to be career by taking into consideration the necessary knowledge and skills after two years of emergency has been developed. In the 1990-1991 academic year the Department has delivered the first graduates.

Education of gifted students is one of the areas of importance in our country in recent years and it is accepted as a "priority area" by YÖK. Education of gifted students is scientifically positioned in the main disciplines of special education departments. In our country, the number of these main disciplines to be opened in the early 2000s is quite limited. In the Gazi Faculty of Education, our Division of Gifted Education was established in January 2020 with the decision of YÖK. A faculty member was appointed to our department in July of the same year and started its activities actively. In accordance with the decision taken by YÖK in 2016, there is no undergraduate program in our department since there should only be one teaching program in special education departments. Our department offers courses in the field of gifted students in the "special education teaching" undergraduate program, and continues its postgraduate courses and consultancy services. As of December 2020, a faculty member and a research assistant are working in our department.

a. Vision

The vision of the Department of Education for the Gifted is to examine and question education from a scientific point of view, and by providing education and consultancy services in its field with an understanding that tries to increase its effectiveness every day; to continue research activities. In addition to giving lectures related to gifted students at the undergraduate level, our department also conducts lectures related to our field within the education common courses in our Institute of Educational Sciences. Since our department is still very young, there are not enough faculty members. However, when the sufficient number is reached, we aim to open master's and doctoral programs in the field of gifted and talented people. In addition to these, lecturers of our department also take part in professional development courses and seminars. By contributing to the production of knowledge through theoretical and applied research in the field of gifted and talented people; examining the educational problems of the society on the basis of education rights, equality and respect for human rights of individuals, developing solutions and leading the determination of policies in this direction; The vision of being a department that offers its knowledge to the sharing of national and international academic community, public and private institutions, non-governmental organizations and individuals has been adopted.

b. Mission

The mission of the Division of Gifted Education is to conduct academic studies to improve the education of gifted students in our country and in the world, to raise students at undergraduate and graduate levels and to raise awareness of the society.

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